Subnetting Tutorial: Find the Network Address Given an IP

I wanted to make a subnetting tutorial that showcases my absolute favorite shortcut for finding the network address given an IP and mask.

This video shows in my opinion the fastest way to find the network address where an IP “lives”. This comes in handy when troubleshooting on the CCNA exam. Check the Video out below:

How to Subnet: Finding the Network Address

  1. Find your ‘interesting’ octet.

    The interesting octet is the octet where the subnet bits end and the host bits begin.

  2. List out the bit values [128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1] and draw a line to the right of the last subnet bit. Ex: a /10 would draw the line between 64 and 32, because you need to borrow 2 bits from the second octet to make a /10 subnet (10 subnet bits total).

  3. Look at the value of the ‘interesting octet’. Let’s say we are looking at /10. Our interesting octet is the second octet, and the value there is 128.

  4. If you can subtract the value of the subnet bit from the value in your ‘interesting octet’, do so. Do this until you either reach 0, cannot subtract without going negative, or you reach your “dividing bar” where the subnet bits stop and the host bits begin.

    For every subnet bit that you can subtract, ‘turn that bit on’. You can write a 1 below the value to keep track.

  5. When you complete that process, add the value of every bit that you ‘turned on’. This is the value of the network address that the IP you were studying live in.

    Look at the picture below for our /10 example

If these instructions don’t make sense, check out the video above!

Disclaimer: Know the Binary

You don’t have to be a binary master, or even use it ever again once you understand the basics. Click here to check out a great introduction to ‘bit values’ and IP in binary.

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Until next time, thanks for reading guys 🙂


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