Network Programmability for Noobs (ENAUTO, DCAUTO, DevNet)

On my journey towards Enterprise CCIE, I might make a pit stop or two at some of the DevNet certs.

Getting started with it all can be confusing, info overload to the max, and somewhat discouraging when you’re not sure how to accomplish tasks on your own.

The point of this video was not necessarily to be an in depth tutorial, but more an overview of the thought process I used to accomplish the task of having a python script configure something on a network device, without following a tutorial.

I used the NXAPI documentation, postman, and the NXAPI sandbox to accomplish creating this script.

As I continue my path towards the Cisco ENAUTO (Automating Enterprise Networks), I will continue to post my learnings.

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Free Lab:

Script from Video:

NX-API Documentation:…

Cisco DevNet Basics Course (Free):…

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