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How to Pass CCNP Enterprise Core

Tips to Pass ENCOR 350-401 First Try

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Sorry for the bit of rambling, just wanted to make a quick off the cuff video to talk about my experience with the exam and taking it at home. I hope to come back and edit this page later with more tips and resources, but for now….I need to go study this CCIE material!

Until next time! Thanks for tuning in. Make sure you get on the email list if you aren’t already.

You got this exam in the bag! Get scheduled and get passed ASAP so we can study CCIE together!

  1. Avatar

    Thanks for creating this Alex. I saw your video on youtube and just thought I would check out your site. I work as a Network Admin in a large refinery. I do a lot of switching. I have CCENT and studying for CCNP Encor right now. Im using ITProTV videos and will use boson too. I have the book and just trying to decide how to bring that in. I wanted to check out any labs you may have for Encor also. Your video is inspiring and I’m hoping to have the same results.

    • Alex Gray

      Hey Rob, I have some new labs coming soon. I’m struggling with figuring out what to do because PT is limited, and I know everyone labs different. So I was trying to figure out whether to work with PT so all can use, or just put out topologies and let people build in their lab of choice

      • Avatar

        Hey Alex, I know its been a while. I think either way is good because I think the new PT can handle CCNP stuff now. Im going through some old ccnp videos first on cbt nuggets and then will go through the book. I have CML2 and Boson Netsim. Hoping to take Encor around end of Jan 2021. I watch your video on youtube from time to time for motivation on using the book though.

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