EIGRP Feasibility Condition, Offset Lists, and Variance

Hey hey! Today I made a video to keep from going quarantine crazy. Has the EIGRP feasibility condition ever confused you?

Have you ever wondered what the variance command is all about, or what a feasible successor is?

Well in this EIGRP Lesson we will discuss all of these things! First we go over some key EIGRP terms and then we have a lab exercise in using an offset list and variance command to implement unequal-cost multipathing.

To make the best use of this lesson, you should have a basic understanding of configuring EIGRP. This is great studying for CCNA, CNNP ENCOR / ENARSI.


EIGRP – Successor Routes, Feasible Successors, Feasibility Condition, and more!

EIGRP Feasibility and Variance made Easy!

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I hope you feel like you know more about the EIGRP feasibility condition and the other topics covered after watching 🙂

In conclusion, we learned some basic EIGRP terminology, we used an offset list to manipulate the metric of a route learned on an EIGRP router, and we used the variance command to enable unequal-cost multipathing — one of EIGRP’s coolest features.

EIGRP Vocabulary for your convenience

Below I will post some of the definitions so you can easily copy and paste:

Successor Route – The route with the lowest path metric to the destination

Successor – First next hop router for the successor route

Feasible Distance – Metric Value for the lowest metric path to destination

Reported Distance – The distance reported by a router to reach a destination prefix. Value is the feasible distance for the advertising router.

Feasibility Condition – Condition stating that for a route to be considered as a backup route, the reported distance received for that route must be lower than the feasible distance calculated locally. This logic guarantees a loop free path.

Feasible Successor – a route that satisfies the feasibility condition and is maintained as a backup route.

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