CCNA vs. Network+ 2021

Should you get the Network+ or go straight to CCNA in 2021? This video tells you my opinion on both certifications and how they boosted my IT career.

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I hope this video inspires and motivates someone to study for either certification. Both of these IT certificaations changed my life. Drop any questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

Thoughts on Both Certificates (CCNA and Network+)

While I do think your long term goal should definitely be CCNA, the Network+ is not a waste of time in my opinion.

I feel that having the Network+ was a good thing for me to talk about in my interview with Cisco (and companies before Cisco). As I mention in the video, the interviewers weren’t so impressed with the knowledge that Network+ gave me. However it was a testament to my dedication and my ability to go beyond the minimum requirements of getting my degree.

Also, when I got the CCNA while in training at Cisco, this was also a huge plus for me. The way it worked was they gave me and a cohort of 20+ other new hires a choice of teams, but the managers chose who they wanted to join their team at the end of it all. I fully believe that having my CCNA was a contributing factor to the fact that I got my first choice team (Data Center Routing and Switching).

Remember, the important thing to know about all of these certifications is that passing the test is not enough. You need to study for the knowledge!

The best way to gain understanding is through applying the concepts in a lab.

If you cheat your way through the exam or only study to pass, you will not be able to do well in interviews and the certification won’t matter.

Just make sure to do your part and use the certification to set your resume apart from the other candidates.

Once you get in the chair and start interviewing, that’s when it’s really time to shine.

If you are limited in resources, you could go straight for CCNA but it will be a longer journey than Network+ for sure.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment here, on my YouTube, or through my contact form.

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