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What You Will Get

A comprehensive, 24 page routing lab that will test and refine your redistribution skills with EIGRP and OSPF.

This lab will make you think, not just copy and paste commands!

Built specifically to help you pass ENARSI the first time around.

Pass the exam, improve your skills and future.

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Interactive examples and challenges with review of the answers along the way.

CCNP Objectives Covered

  • 1.9 Troubleshoot EIGRP (classic and named mode)
  • 1.10 Troubleshoot OSPF (v2/v3)
  • 1.4 Troubleshoot redistribution between any routing protocols or routing sources
  • 1.2 Troubleshoot route map for any routing protocol (attributes, tagging, filtering)
  • And more!


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How to Access / What's Included?

  • Blank / Base configurations to start off your lab (Eve-NG / Virl, router OS images not included!)

  • Completed Configurations for your review at the end of the lab

  • Topology diagrams for reference

  • 24 Page lab workbook with review along the way

  • You will be emailed a .zip file automatically after checkout to the email you enter at payment.

    The download link emailed to you is valid for 24 hours, and expires after that time. Make sure to download within 24 hours or email me for a new link!


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Questions / Concerns?

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