This CCNA – CCNP lab will test your skills in the following domains:

  • IP Addressing
  • Multi-Area OSPF
  • GRE Tunnel Configuration
  • DHCP & DHCP Helper
  • Static Routing

Take a look at the topology below to get started on the lab!

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In this lab you start off with a blank topology. By the end, you will configure a GRE Tunnel used to establish OSPF neighborship, DHCP Helper addresses, EIGRP routing, some static routing, and DHCP pools.

Example of how the lab is structured:

The lab comes as a package with everything you need to challenge your self and sharpen your skills.

In the PDF document you will find the diagrams from above, and step by step “challenges” for you to complete. You finish the lab with various “check points” to verify your work.

Some of my colleagues have completed this lab while studying for CCNA type challenges, and the feedback has been great. This is a fun way for you to brush up on your weak areas of these topics.

—-> Click Here to Download the Lab! <—-

What does this CCNA GRE Tunnel Lab include?

The .zip file includes the following:

  • PDF Document of the challenge tasks, complete with topology diagrams, IP Tables, DHCP Pool tables, and checkpoints to verify your work
  • Blank Packet Tracer file to start configuring right away
  • Completed Packet Tracer file to compare your lab
  • Text documents with configurations for every device if you get stuck

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