EIGRP Feasibility Condition, Offset Lists, and Variance

This post and video lesson will help you fully understand EIGRP basics such as successor routes, feasible successors, EIGRP feasibility condition, variance for unequal cost multipathing, and more!

Hey hey! Today I made a video to keep from going quarantine crazy. Has the EIGRP feasibility condition ever confused you?

Have you ever wondered what the variance command is all about, or what a feasible successor is?

Well in this EIGRP Lesson we will discuss all of these things! First we go over some key EIGRP terms and then we have a lab exercise in using an offset list and variance command to implement unequal-cost multipathing.

To make the best use of this lesson, you should have a basic understanding of configuring EIGRP. This is great studying for CCNA, CNNP ENCOR / ENARSI.

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